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Regardless of where you live or what religious affiliation you belong to, this book is designed to allow you to become debt free God's way and live a much richer, fuller life in service to him.

God wants you to be debt free. He wants you to enjoy the abundance He has in store for you. He wants you to live a much richer life than you could possibly ever imagine. Becoming debt free God's way is the only way to financial peace and prosperity. We all want to live free, and we all want to be rich. God knows this. He designed us that way.

As you read this FREE book, you will discover how to get your finances under control, once and for all. You will discover the only way to achieve lasting wealth. You will discover a financial path that will lead you out of your current situation, no matter how bleak, & cause you to gain a true understanding of money.

You will understand the importance of sharing this message with others, and the lucrative rewards for doing so. You will begin to see where you have made financial mistakes in the past, and how to avoid making them in the future.

Being in debt enslaves us to our debtors. Millions of people are forced to live stressful, worry filled, money first lives against God's desires because of their indebtedness. Debt strips you of your freedoms. God did not design His children to be slaves. Now is the time to Become Debt Free God's Way. I pray you will.

- Lynn D. Spencer

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